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For Everyone Who Loves A Good Pickle!

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Filling the Cocktail & Eater Pickle Void Since 2013
Bucky’s Pickles are For Everyone Who Loves a Good Pickle!

Not every pickle is made the same or can fill every need. Take it from us, as a pickle manufacturer originating from the bar and restaurant industry, we know a thing or two about pickles.

At Bucky’s Pickles our specialty pickle products are unique in the fact that they are a shelf-stable pickle, available in a variety of flavors, AND (best of all) can be used in both cocktails as well as in your typical dining uses. As a garnish in Bloody Marys, a Bucky’s Pickle adds unique taste and an eye-pleasing presentation. As eating pickles, Bucky’s Pickles are second-to-none. Serve them on burgers, deep fry them into pickle poppers, use them in appetizers, or simply just eat them as stand-alone pickles.

Offered as spears or stackers and coming in three robust flavors - Original Horseradish, Horseradish with Garlic, and Horseradish with Jalapenos - our Pickles are the perfect complement to your bar or restaurant’s offerings. Manufactured by Bucky’s Bar in Elrosa, MN, our pickles are available as wholesale products for ordering by the case. You can order an entire case of one flavor or opt for a ‘Mix & Match Case’ to test all of our pickle flavors at once.

At Bucky’s Pickles we are able to ship product to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota, as well as parts of North Dakota, Missouri and Nebraska. Shipping is free* and the pickles taste great! Order your Bucky’s Pickles today.

*A minimal shipping and handling fee does apply to our Half Cases and 3 Jar orders.
*Bucky’s Pickles are manufactured by Bucky’s Bar in Elrosa, MN and have been filled with the FDA.